Gout Exercise

Exercise lowers chances of having gout.

A 2008 study on gout and exercise stated that men who ran 5 miles per day had 50% less occurrence of developing gout than least active men.

Types of exercise

  • Low intensity exercise such as walking.
  • Stretching. Can be done in form Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi
  • Range of Motion Exercises: Which consist of keeping your joints flexible and mobile in order to reduce stiffness, a good motion exercise for your foot is to rotate your ankle in a circular motion. Other exercises include rotating your head and neck, ankles or wrists.
  • Swimming – a good form of exercise for the gout sufferer as there is NO stress on your joints since you’re moving in water.

If you are suffering from a gout attack, DO NOT exercise.

Exercising during a gout attack and/or when a joint is inflamed will worsen your condition by causing you more pain and lengthening your inflammation.